The senior show poster is a project that all of the senior graphic design majors participate in. Each student creates a 2017 Senior Show Poster to promote graphic design and visual art shows. For my poster I chose to use materials that I often use to make art. Those materials include cardboard, paper, lots of color, and photos. I wanted it to look hand made and give off the feeling of depth. One of the goals for my poster is that I want the materials to speak for themselves in showcasing the graphic design and visual art shows at Point Loma. 


This project was very challenging for me because as an artist I was branching off in various directions. The design I settled on is a simple seed or leaf like shape. The leaf has three pointed lines inside of it, two are the same and one is flipped the opposite direction as the others. The three pointed lines within the leaf shape form an “S” and the leaf shape encompassing the design forms an “O” for the initials of my name “S” and “O”. The leaf shape embodies my love for nature, as well as my willingness to learn something new, and my adaptability to situations I am faced with. I want my brand to represent more than just my name, but a piece of my spirit and personality as well.


One of my hobbies is exploring abandoned, torn down, and graffitied crevices of the world. For this project I wanted to showcase some of my favorite spots I have had the fortune of exploring. There is just something about old forgotten pieces of land that get brought back to life with colorful graffiti. This book consists of three of my favorite spots complete with a description, brief history, and photos I took of the places. I hope with this book I can encourage people to get out and explore the beauty in these hidden and decrepit places of our urban landscape.


The goal of this project was to promote awareness of a current conflict happening in Nigeria, and the struggle for peace throughout the entirety of the world. This project originated in my personal finding of various gun shells in the desert, leading to the creation of a peace sign which I incorporated into the peace awareness poster. Gun shells are meant to symbolize the war conflict, and struggle for power that is going on in Nigeria. The background symbolizes the lacking of food, resources, and jobs that cannot sustain the immensely growing population within the country. The plight of Nigeria is very sad and I hope that my poster can bring awareness to this impending issue.